The application of ozone as a disinfectant requires following the manufacturers’ instructions and recommendations.

As indicated by the Ministry of Health, in order to market ozone equipment (classified as “in situ” biocides) in Spain, one must be registered with the Ministry and follow the directions and recommendations of the equipment manufacturers. In Spain these must have been notified to the Ministry of Health under the second transitional provision of RD 1054/2002. This notification process is a mandatory requirement for marketing the product in Spain.

The notifying companies must have this document together with the justification of being in possession of the “Biocides Dossier” or in its absence a “letter of access” to demonstrate that the supplier of the active substance is included in the ECHA List.
Therefore, before purchasing or using equipment that emits ozone as an active substance, you should ask the company selling it for the following documentation:

  • Ministry Notification Form
  • Certificate of Ownership of Biocide Dossier or LoA (Letter of Access)

As Spanish Associate Members of EUOTA (European Ozone Trade Association), we would like to inform you that the only Spanish companies that own the biocide dossier are

Zonosistem, Newland Entech Europe – Oxicom, Asp Asepsia, Gruper, Cosemar Ozone and Agrozono.

The Spanish companies co-owners of the European EUOTA dossier (Biocide Product Registration) have been working for several years on the technical development of efficacy and safe use parameters for this active substance (CAS No 10028-15-6 EC No 233-069-2)

Our main objective at this time of global health crisis is to want to help and provide all our knowledge and years of experience to aid prevention.

Co-owners of EUOTA’s European dossier

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