Ozone machines for agriculture

Ozone Machines for agriculture

Ozone Machines

The agricultural soil regeneration scene is making the vital move towards sustainable solutions involving the effective field implementation of ozone machines.

At AGROZONO-AGRO3 we have developed the first ozone machines that represent a real and sustainable solution that will contribute to a substantial improvement in the agricultural soil regeneration process.

There seems to be a great lack of knowledge related to ozone machines for the field of agriculture:

Sometimes they are marketed as products that, simply by being “connected” to our irrigation system, will provide instant and satisfactory results.

We help our clients to become specialists

At  AGROZONO-AGRO3, we consider ozone generation equipment to be precision ozone machines, which must be used by trained and experienced professionals in the field.

When you purchase an ozone machine from AGROZONO-AGRO3, you will receive information, training and assistance from our technical department, to ensure the utmost success in its implementation into your production process.

Thoroughness leads to success

The use of an ozone machine, or ozone generator in the field, must always be carried out using a specific application protocol for each crop whilst taking into account varying environmental conditions related to irrigation water, cropland, temperature…among other things.

There are different ozone machines designed for different purposes

AGRO3000 System

    • The “AGRO3000” Unit designated for the regeneration of agricultural soils
    • The  “AGRO3V” Unit has been designed for cleaning in the wine sector



How does it work?

The machine adds ozone to the plot’s irrigation water, which is sent to the drip pipes before finally reaching the farmland.

AGROZONO-AGRO3: endeavour, dedication and modernity

AGROZONO-AGRO3 is a young company, but that has extensive experience in testing, research, development and application of sustainable solutions in the agricultural field.

Our work and objectives are mainly related to the combination of ozone and subsequent regenerative techniques without the negative consequences for the soil or the environment.

Contact our experts in sustainable agricultural solutions, AGROZONO-AGRO3.

AGROZONO-AGRO3, for sustainable, quality agriculture.

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