At AGROZONO-AGRO3 we provide the necessary advice to companies and management teams that use ozone as a residue-free disinfection system.

In times like these, where there is a shortage of disinfectants, ozonized water – with ozone levels higher than 1 ppm – is an interesting alternative for the disinfection of clothes (hospital bed linen), disinfection of PPE, hospital material, street cleaning, etc.

Only a suitable power supply and a water intake with adequate flow and pressure is needed to operate OUR EQUIPMENT.

Due to its physical properties, ozone cannot be packaged and held in reserve, its production takes place IN SITU.

OZONE, known as a biocide for more than 150 years and recognised by the ECHA (European Chemical Agency) for 20 years, is the most powerful oxidising substance that we know. 33% more oxidant than hypochlorous acid and 100% more

oxidant than hypochlorite; it is also virucidal, different scientific studies show that with doses of between 0.5 and 0.8 ppm/litre of water and contact times of less than 3 minutes, the viruses are inactivated, denatured (non-infectious).

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