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Agrozono integrates the R & D, manufacture and commercialization of Ozone (O3) equipment whose objective is the Reduction of levels of pathogens of soils and substrates destined to the agricultural crop, together with the later Regeneration
of the microbial flora necessary to dispose Of a balanced soil of microorganisms, allowing and favoring the crop, avoiding the colonization of pathogens.

The advice and personalized monitoring of each of our customers ensures the correct implementation of this disinfection system, which is presented as a sustainable and economically viable alternative to traditional systems. It is Exempt from Chemical Waste, shortens the dead time between crops and can be carried out the treatment with the implanted crop.

Climate change, population growth, and the impending scarcity of natural resources make it necessary to change traditional production models and replace them with more sustainable production systems without chemical waste. This need prompts a group of experts in ozone manufacturing systems for agriculture and sustainable management, which leads to the creation of Agrozono.

Agrozono is born not only as an alternative, but also as a solution to a current problem, preparing itself to respond immediately to legislation that is necessarily stricter in order to ensure the preservation of the environment and the quality of life of people.