AGROZONO-AGRO3 presents the new AGRO3-G range of ozone gas production equipment that is suitable for disinfecting a wide range of closed spaces.


  • Designed for the disinfection of micro-spaces, such as cabinets, drawers, lifts, etc.
  • Perfect for the disinfection of clothes, shoes and utensils that fit in a space of about 5 m3.


  • Ideal for disinfection of rooms of about 30 m2. It works in less than 30 minutes, great disinfection power for any room.


  • Intermediate production, for spaces of up to 90 m2 in 1 hour of work.
  • A versatile, yet forgiving piece of equipment.


  • Maximum production and power for the largest spaces, areas of up to 180 m2 in 1 hour, total efficiency.


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